My Boy! - GBA Pokemon Emulator for Everyone

If you've been frequenting my blog, then you know I love to play old games. Here you'll find reviews for old emulators and game ports. I've also reviewed several emulators for Androids that will let you play your favorite Gameboy games. In line with this, I am going to review My Boy! which is a popular GBA emulator for Android phones and tablets.

You can find the My Boy! on the Google Play Store and it will let you play nearly all GBA ROMs without a fuss. It is equipped with some pretty nice features that you can find in the VBA Link emulator (which is for playing Pokemon games on Windows). It will not only let you save or load your game any time but it will also provide you with options like controlling the game speed and frame rates. Although these options may seem like cheats to a die-hard GBA Pokemon fan, they are actually a life saver because you can skip or pass levels that would have been hard to do at normal speeds.

Pokemon Emulator Fire Red GBA

My Boy! lets you connect two devices together which is fantastic if you like to play Pokemon games and trade Pokemon with your friends. You can get those Pokemon that "evolve on trade" as well as enjoy multi-player games with another person. This is not possible on emulators that do not support network play over WiFi or local network linking of games.

This emulator does its best to be efficient in utilizing battery life and you have the option to turn off the phone's sensors so you can further save power.

The emulator controls are likewise customizable. What that means is you can change locations as well as decrease or increase button sizes. But that's not all, you can also switch on an option that will enable you to press 2 buttons concurrently by pressing the space in between them. This option can be quite useful if you are playing some arcade games.

My Boy! also works well for those who love adding cheats because it can support all kinds of cheat files. You can buy the premium version for $4.99 at Play Store but there's also a free version. Take note that the free one does not have some of the options offered in the Premium. If you're a hardcore GBA fan, use the free version because you won't really use many of the premium features.

Download either version from Pokemon

Q: My favorite Pokemon game?

A: I would have to go with Pokemon FireRed!
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