Android Java Emulator

The Android phone can be installed with more than 40,000 free games and applications that run on Java. The same phones are also compatible with MIDP/J2ME/Java games and applications.

These are possible due to Jbed. It also has Andorid J2ME MIDP Runner.


This simulator app can be downloaded and installed to the Android phone as additional Java Emulator.

Andorid J2ME MIDP Runner

android jbed

An Android .apk package can be made as long as there is .jar/.jad file. The games and applications on the phone can be connected to the apk package online. Download the .jar format with free games and Java applications. These can be found on Make a .jad file with the .jar file that is compatible with Java. Convert the .jar files into apk online. Then, convert the .jar/.jad files into the Android package in .apk format. It is the .apk files which can be installed to the Android phone. You can access the .jad file via link or upload the .jar/.jad file to convert it.

To install the Android J2ME MIDP Runner to the Android phone, connect the phone to the .apk package. Download the tool and install this on the phone.

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Now if you don't have an Android phone you can find emulators for MP4 Players, Play thousands of game apps on the iPhones of all generations or just go out and buy a cheap used NDS or one of the video game dedicated next generation consoles like Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP Vita