GBA emulator for Nokia Symbian phones

For s60v5, Anna and Belle

This emulator allows you to play most of the GameBoy Advance games on your latest Symbian phone. It is designed specifically for touchscreen input.

There are three versions of this emulator available - for Belle (also FP2), for Anna and for S60v5 (like 5800 XM).

The gpSP is a GameBoy Advance emulator originally written by Exophase. And now it is ported to the Symbian OS by Summeli.


  • Sound volume controls;
  • Two screen size options;
  • Save and load option with up to 5 slots;
  • 4 or 8-directional d-pad;
  • Option for hidden A+B buttons;
  • Key configuration option (good for handsets with physical keyboard like e6 or e7)
  • gba emulator on nokia 808 pureview


    Just download or transfer to your phone and install.

    You will also need a gba bios file (.bin) and, of course, gba roms - use google. Transfer to your phone and load them via the emulator (bios file first).

    gba emulator on nokia 701

    Unfortunately there are some known issues:

  • The emulator will crash, if you try to load a rom without setting a bios file;
  • Mounted shares (Dropbox etc.) breaks the filemanager, so do not use mounted shares;
  • There are various zip file limitations, so better unzip your roms first;

  • Download:

    GBA emulator for latest Belle update and FP1 gpsp v0.7.2 (808 PureView, 603, 701, 700, 600 etc.)

    GBA emulator for Anna and Belle gpsp v0.7

    GBA emulator for s60v5 gpsp v0.6.5 ()


    jjjjkll wrote:
    why no download when using nokia c5 03?
    yusuf khan wrote:
    how to download gba bios bin file on my Nokia 500
    SUMAN SMP wrote:
    how to use gpsp in nokia 5800xp?.please tell me in details(step by step).because i download the biosfile and a .gba tipe game(pokemon emerld) and i also load the rom and the biosfile but the game is not open.the gpsp showing ''game boy''(nintindo).don't avoid my comment & thank in advanced. wrote:
    is there an emulator that runs on nokia c3?
    lalchand wrote:
    java android mobile
    Anonymous wrote:
    Why my nokia x6 cant download this emulator... Please reply my comment at my email.. Admin?
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    how can install gpsp on my nokia 5233
    Ryan wrote:
    Why my hp nokia x6 didn't have a emulator
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    why while installing gpsp v0.7 in c5-05 its always shows installing failed and even can i play pokemon emerald in gpsp v0.6.5?
    rakesh roshan wrote:
    support nokia500 refersh

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