NES Emulator for Nokia Smartphones

Mobile NES Emulator

This app allows you to play good old NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System, aka. Famicom in Asia ) roms on your Nokia smartphone ( Symbian s60v3 FP1&2 only ), just like on your PC with NES emulator software.

Remember such titles like Super Mario Bros, Battle City, Pac Man and many more. This emulator allows you to play almost all those roms, that you can find on the net, and there are more than thousand available for downloads!

Both - video and audio are perfect. It is even possible to connect your phone to your TV set using video/audio-out cable ( if handset supports it ), and enjoy full-size gaming.

Please notice, that those ROMs are objects of copyright laws, so you should download them, only if you already own cartrige of exact game.

This NES emulator also has one major advantage against other available mobile NES emulators ( like Vampent's vNES ) - it is FREE. And there is no need for hacking your phone's software to install it.

mario on symbian

Supported Handsets

List of Nokia smartphones, that are known to support this emulator:

5700 XpressMusic • 5320 XpressMusic • 5630 XpressMusic • 5730 XpressMusic • 6110 Navigator • 6210 Navigator • 6710 Navigator • 6120 classic • 6121 classic • 6124 classic • 6720 classic • 6730 classic • 6220 classic • 6290 • E51 • E52 • E55 • E63 • E66 • E71 • E71x • E72 • E75 • E90 Communicator • N76 • N78 • N79 • N81 • N81 8GB • N82 • N85 • N86 8MP • N95 • N95 8GB • N96 • 6650 fold • 6760 slide • 6790 Surge

How to install

Download gpfce_0.3.2 s60v3.sis file, transfer ir to your phone using file transfer mode or nokia pc suite - it is up to you. Run it, and install it to phone memory or memory card.

You must transfer your .rom files to your device as well ( doesn't matter, in which directory ).

And thats it! You're ready to go.

Run GPFce. Press C key ( pencil key for Eseries ) for the main menu. Then go to "Load new ROM", and browse your rom files, wherever you've placed them.

After that you can configure key mappings, save any state, load it, and adjust many more settings.


  • Download for free gpfce_0.3.2.s60v3.sis - mobile NES emulator ( 230 KB )!
  • Download for free gpfce_0.3.3_s60v3.SIS - mobile NES emulator (336 KB )!(landscape)
  • Comments:

    Jomin wrote:
    It's very lagging on my Nokia E7
    Gabriel Ribeiro Alves wrote:
    Obrigadoooo funcionou muito bem em meu Nokia-N95. S60v3 hacked
    Arnold Rimmer wrote:
    vedprakash wrote:
    nice softwere
    e71 wrote:
    there is new version gpfce 0.4r wrote:
    Mr. M wrote:02.08.2013
    where can i have the .rom files please can anyone give me a link? wrote:
    this emunlator works in my Nokia C5
    suman wrote:
    i downloaded emulator for gameboy,plus zip file for the game but after installing amd opening the gpfc emulator i dont know how to run the game.
    Bernard Sangma wrote:
    Too bad doesn't work on my 5800 xpressmusic!!
    M.S wrote:
    this emulator perfect works on my nokia c5 5mp

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