R4 DS Cards

Review of R4 DS Cards and R4i 3DS flash cartridges

The Nintendo DS gaming console has a limited storage capacity. To help increase its memory capacity, you might want to consider buying R4 DS cards or R4 3DS adaptor memory cards.

These cards are designed for the gaming console to ensure that the flow of information will still continue smoothly, just like in a virtual library. Through the use of the R4 DS card, you can save more games on the console and play more. You can even use it to increase the usage and functionality of the entire system.

In choosing an R4 3DS card, you have to be careful because there are several versions of this card on the market. The R4 DS cards that you can get from the designers themselves are likely of superior quality than those made by other manufacturers. Most Nintendo DS owners also buy their R4 cards from the designers of the gaming console. This gives the assurance that the gaming card is authentic and of high quality. The card can be used to secure information in your DS and allow for a smooth operation. If you are looking for a gaming card with a large memory, you can buy R4 DS SDHC which has a bigger storage capacity than the micro SD card.


The R4 3DS SDHC cards are considered as the gaming card with the superior quality due to their better features. They load faster and offer more reliability in their performance. More NDS users prefer this card over the others in the market. They are developed by Team 4, which invented the R4 3DS adapter card to be a part of the DS gaming system. This similar technology is credited to be the one to start the use of adapter memory cards when playing on Nintendo DS. However, there are also fake memory cards sod in the market which can instead be the cause of the removal of the games and other files from the system. This is why care should be practiced in buying these adapter memory cards.

Another great thing about the R4 3DS SDHC cards is their affordability. They can be bought online too if you already have your DS and available games. The memory cards can successfully expand the memory capacity to accommodate more games and more copies of them, in case one gets accidentally deleted.


If you want to save multiple games in one memory card, you can do this with R4 3DS SDHC card. It has a huge memory capacity which can help you save more data. There are SDHC memory cards which even have the capacity of up to 32GB. All the games and data that you save will stay in a single location, which can help you access them easily. Even if you are frequently traveling and you want to use your DS, you can do so without any hitch because your files are saved on a single memory card.

The invention of the R4i Gold 3DS SDHC card was derived from the same idea used to develop the R4 DS memory card. Buy R4DS backup linkers at official online store - R4

SuperCard DSTWO 3DS

+ Can do all that R4 3DS can do and plus to that has exclusive built-in DivX Player and GBA, SNES, MAME and now even DOS emulator! For 3DS rons use DSTWO PLUS.
- More expensive than R4i Gold SDHC or AceKard.

CycloDS iEVO 3DS

+ The only card capable of running DSi roms in true DSi MODE. Features some exclusive emulators for DSi mode.
- Way too expensive for the feature list that has been surpassed by others.

EZ-Flash 3DS

+ Well known team from the old days of GBA Flash Linkers comes with a solid card at a reasonable price.
- Rather expensive and software is not as polished as that of the SC3DS and AceKard3.

AceKard 2i and AK3

+ Great opensource kernel and firmware that at times has better comunity based support than R4 cards.
- a little more expensive than others and does not have a name that Nintendo promotes like Revolution 4 DS.